How to Secure Bank Financing
for Oilfield Service Companies

What you will find inside.

An Overview

Why OFS businesses can be hard to finance

Key Materials

What to prepare in advance of any loan request

A Detailed Process Guide

How to run a methodical loan request process to maximize results

Where to Turn

A description of how Catalina Advisors assists clients with corporate finance needs

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The Author

Phillip Bannon is the Founder and CEO of Catalina Advisors, a consulting and advisory firm that specializes in helping startups and mid-size companies navigate the challenges associated with capital sourcing and corporate finance.

Catalina takes a consultative approach with clients, helping them access financing in challenging markets while ensuring the terms and structure of a deal work for all parties.

Prior to founding Catalina, Phillip worked in corporate banking with a focus on oilfield services, rail, chemical manufacturing, and general industrial.

Phillip is a Houston native with an undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Houston and an MBA from Rice University where he was a Jones Scholar.

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